A Student's Perspective on Black History Month

Black Believers by Danise Johnson
Posted on 02/23/2022

Our Black Believers

By Danise Johnson

Hello!  It’s Danise Johnson, today is a very special day. It's Black History Month. We celebrate the people that fought for racism, who, until this day, are being fairly treated. Thanks for their brave actions, it changed our world. Today we live in a better world.  

Alot of people saved people., So let’s think, back in the day, people were being mistreated but people stepped up and sacrificed their own lives just to have blacks and whites treated equal.  Black History began in 1926. 

People who ran away, and I'll name some, Robert Porter ran away Saturday the 19, to be free, Henry “box” Brown, Frederick Douglass, Robert Smalls, Harriet Jacobs, William and Ellen Craft. People who ran away during the American Revolution and the Civil War. Perhaps more than 10,000 people ran away during that time. Slaves ran away due to being mistreated by whites.  People who got caught were separated from their families. Slaves got caught ethier in the wars or raids on villages.

Some facts about Rosa Parks, she was a Civil Right Movement activist, well known for her pivotal role in Montgomery Bus Boycott.  She was best known for her brave actions and the first lady ever to make a change in civil rights.  For her brave action our world is a more fair place.

Rosa Parks was active in politics. The bus driver who had her arrested in 1955 had given her trouble before. Rosa Parks had helped the civil rights movements. She was not the first person who pleaded to not give up her seat. Many other women hadn’t either. Also, Rosa Parks was called the “Mother of the Civil Rights Movement”. Rosa Parks invigorated the struggle between racial equality when she refused to give up her seat for a white old man on December 1, 1955. Her actions helped the world be fair until today, so we thank her for all her actions. 

There was a woman named Claudette Colvin who stood up for equality nine months before Rosa Parks. Claudette Colvin refused to give up her seat on the same bus system. The first ever woman to not plead to give up her seat. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat because of her race, which was the law in Montgomery at the time. The NAACP realized that Parks was the right person to work on its battle against the system of segregation in Montgomery.  This whole slave thing started  when portugese  trades brought the slaves from Africa to Europe 82 years later (1526).  Spanish explorers brought the first african slaves to settlements, so the slaves started coming in 1444. It was a sad thing that slaves had to go through that. Blacks and Whites should be treated equally. It wasn’t an option back in the day if you had to be a slave or not. They forced you to go to only blacks schools. You couldn’t go to blacks and whites schools.  Today, it’s much better. We can all go anywhere and be equally treated by our skin colors. That’s all about Slaves Who escaped and who got caught!

Next month is Women's History month. I’m gonna tell you some facts about that. The first ever Women’s History day was held in 1909 and 1978.

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