All-Star Game Review

NBA All-Star Game
Posted on 03/07/2022

All About The All-Star Game

By Elijah Barlow

Hello my name is Elijah Barlow. I’m going to tell you about the all-star game. The all-star game is located in Cleveland,Ohio. When you get into the stadium before the teams come out people do stunts sometimes people on the court will sing. The teams are team Durant and team Lebron. Team Durant has Joel Embid who plays for the Philadelphia 76ers. One player is Lamelo Ball who plays for the Charlotte hornets Another player is Ja morant who plays for the Memphis grizzlies. Next is Trae Young, who plays for the Atlanta Hawks. Jayson Tatum who plays for the Boston celtics. Here's a player named Devin Booker who plays for the Phoenix Suns. One other player is called Rudy Gobert who plays for the Utah Jazz. Zach lavine is a player who plays for the Chicago bulls.Karl Anthony is a player who plays for the Timberwolves Lastly from the Golden State Warriors, Andrew Wiggins.

Now for the other team, For team Lebron First play is Lebron James who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Next Is Giannis Antetokounmpo who plays for The Milwaukee bucks. Next is Steph Curry who plays for the Golden State warriors. One player is Nikola Jokic who plays for the Nuggets.Another player is DeMar DeRozen. One player is Daruis Garland who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Here's another player named Luka doncic who plays for the Dallas Mavericks. Another player for the Cavaliers is Jarrett Allen. Here's a player named Fred Vanleet. Here's Jimmy Butler Who plays for the Miami heat. Another player is Chris Paul who plays for the Phoenix Suns.

Now let me tell you about the game. In the game Team lebron won 160-163. Lebron James got 24 points. Steph Curry got 50 points. Also Steph Curry got MVP for the game. Giannis Antetokounmpo got 30 points. DeMor DeRozen got 10 points. Luke Donicic  got 8 points. Daruis Garland got 13 points Jarrett Allen got 10 points. Fred Vanleet got 6. Jimmy Butler got 2. Chris paul got 0. Nikola Jokic got 10.

Time for team durant. Joel Embid got 36 points. Trae young got 13 points. Jayson Tatum got 8 points. Ja morant got 6 points. Lamelo Ball got 18 points Dejounte Murray got 17 points. Rudy Gobert got 6. Khris Middleton got 5. Devin Booker got 20. Karl Anthony towns got 9. Andrew Wiggins got 10.  Zach lavine got 12

In conclusion, The all-star was a really fun experience for me. I saw all of my favorite NBA Players.

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