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Case 5th Graders Write the News
Posted on 03/15/2022

5th Grade Reporters!

By: Emma Thomas

Do you want to know what is going on in your school, within your community, and around the world?  As fifth graders, we believe we can keep you informed by forming a newspaper club.  We know that a newspaper club will be beneficial to students and to the community.  We will provide the ideas and information and ask that you help us get a tab on Case’s website.

  A newspaper Club can benefit our students. First of all, if our students read our articles, they can learn about things that go on in our school, community, and around the world! For example, we wrote about things we learned in 5th Grade. Our younger students might look forward to seeing what is going on in 5th grade. If our younger students read what we learned, they might look forward to doing some of the cool experiments we do later on! We want to share things that are going on with the younger students. We want our students to learn new things, but they need to find them easier. If we can get our own tab on Case’s website, our younger students will benefit by learning what is happening with us, the community, and around the globe.

This can also benefit our community! Case families can know what their students are learning in school. For example, I know my parents enjoy seeing what I am learning in more detail. Some people in our community don't watch the news because they don’t like politics, so this could benefit them. They could know what is happening around the world by reading our articles. Our community can become aware of what 5th graders want to share. For instance, they can learn what is going on with Russia and Ukraine. Our community will benefit by learning what has been going on everywhere.

It’s a great experience for 5th graders. More and more 5th graders can start writing. If we write a lot, writing skills will improve, making us better writers which will help us in our classes going forward. Another reason is that we can improve from our mistakes in our writing. This can make us smarter and ready for middle school! It makes us feel important that we are sharing things. We can share things people didn’t know yet until we posted our articles about current events. We are hard workers and we will make the best out of this opportunity. 

We will keep working hard until the end! I know our club is a great addition to the school website. We send our finished products to our editor or our teacher who reviews them. Our community, our students, and we, the 5th graders, will benefit from this opportunity. We will learn from this, and improve our skills. Hopefully, this will encourage other people to start taking action too. For example, maybe other schools could try this out, but for now, we want people to see what we have to share. Thank you so much for your time!



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