Saving the Earth

Saving the Earth by Caedance Wesley
Posted on 03/13/2022

Saving the Earth🌏

By Caedance Wesley

The life you live is perfect, but is it perfect for the earth?  No one really thinks about the earth getting hurt. They might think about what they are going to do today or where they are going to go.  There are a lot of reasons the earth is worth protecting. There are big factories that produce smoke that can affect the animals, the sky, and people.  

Look in your fridge right now. What do you see? You probably see mostly plastic, some of it might be glass, but the plastic holds important things like our food and our drinks. Our playgrounds are made of really thick plastic.  When all of the plastic can’t be used anymore it gets thrown in the ocean and pollutes it. Everybody has plastic things in their house such as light switches, milk jugs,wipe bottles and water bottles.

Pollution is a big thing. Animals can suffer from the smoke and eat things that are not edible. We have to protect the earth and the animals.🐻🐶🦊

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