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Posted on 04/11/2022

Student News!

                          Emma Thomas, Caleigh Cooper, and Caedance Wesley    •      5th Grade Reporters     • April 11, 2022

Interviewing Mr. Doslak

This is Mr. Doslak, our school principal.

        Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a principal? Mr. Doslak will be answering some questions about being a principal. If you don’t already know, Mr. Doslak is the principal of Case CLC Elementary School. He took out of his time to answer these questions.

      Mr. Doslak has been a principal in this school for 2 years, but he has been a principal or assistant principal for about 8 years in all! He also responded to one of my other questions,”I went to college after high school and got a degree in teaching. I started my career as a teacher. Almost every principal, I would say definitely in the state of Ohio, probably in the country, was a teacher before they became a principal. Once I was teaching, I went back to college and got what's called a master's degree. I ended up getting two although you only need one. I got a master's degree and one of those master's degrees is educational leadership.” He continued on about how he was an intern and how you need a license to be a principal.

          Mr. Doslak explained how his job is different from Ms. Tome’s job, our school dean’s job. He said,”' Ms. Tome’s job as an assistant principal, and my job as principal are very, very similar. We spend roughly the same amount of our day working with students or teachers.


The only real difference from my job compared to Ms. Tome’s job is I have to sign more documents because I am the one listed in the computer systems for the state as principal. And ultimately if there's any problem in the building, Ms. Tome always helps me, but I am the one who's responsible to the students, the parents, the teachers.” To sum it up, Mr. Doslak’s job is not much different from Ms. Tome’s because the only difference is that Mr. Doslak has more responsibilities than Miss Tome.

    He then went to answer other questions. He said that he wanted to be a teacher before he was a principal, but he still enjoys his job most of the time. “I certainly enjoy it most of the time. But just like any job there are times I get frustrated, but overall the majority of the time.” states Mr. Doslak. To wrap it all up, Mr. Doslak is a very responsible person who had a job similar to Miss Tome, and he enjoys his job most of the time. Lastly, the last thing Mr. Doslak said to the newspaper club, ”I think that the initiative that you and some of the other students are taking to reach out and write some that are getting on the website and all of that is wonderful and I appreciate you all showing everybody what being an IB learner.” Thank you Mr. Doslak for your time, and Happy early Easter to all!

-Emma Thomas

Time for Ohio State Testing

    The Ohio State test is very important to 3rd all the way up to highschool students. In elementary it will determine what classes you’ll get in middle school. For the OST We have 90 minutes to finish a number of questions. Our school just finished with reading OST. The 5th graders will take the science test this week.

  Because the OST is close, our teacher wants us prepared. How do we prepare ourselves for the test? The school counselor, Ms.Shafur, came to our classrooms and gave us some tips to stay calm during the test. She said to take deep breaths, don't rush, and try your best. Soon, fifth graders will be taking the Science test and hopefully we will all pass!

- Caleigh Cooper

OSTs are very important for everybody!


           Deforestation is an awful thing,  here is an example.

        Deforestation is the act of humans clearing land to build something. In my opinion,  deforestation is bad and hurts the earth.   Some people don’t care about deforestation or what it is doing to the earth.  Some people are too busy to even realize  what is happening out of their life. 

       Instead of hurting the earth and tearing down the trees, we could plant vegetables and flowers.  An at-home activity you could do is make a garden or plant trees.   You could plant tulips or daisies.  Anything you plant still helps the earth stay healthy. 

      What do you do with a banana peel?  You probably throw it in the garbage right? 

Sometimes people just throw it on the grass to decompose. Decomposing is when something starts to rot and becomes part of the soil.

   To make your flowers healthy when you are planting you should throw some food in the soil instead of in the trash, for example, banana peels or a tomato that went bad.  When you plant your flowers, the soil with the leftover food  will help the flower grow!   

       Deforestation is a really big problem for animals. The animals are being forced out of their home to find new shelter. People have to be more aware of what they are doing to the planet and the animals. 


-Caedance Wesley

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