Students Write the News #3

Caedance Wesley Reporting
Posted on 02/03/2022

inertia 5th Grade Inertia Challenge 

                         By:  Caedance Wesley 

  5th grade was doing the Inertia or as you could say egg challenge.  To do the egg challenge all we needed was a plastic egg, a toilet paper roll, a plastic plate, and a cup. We had to stack the plate on top of the cup and the toilet paper roll on the plate and finally, we put the plastic egg on top.  

Each 5th grader in room 219 had to hit the plate with the back of their hand. If you hit the plate too hard the plate would fall off and take the egg with it. But, the goal is to get the egg which is stacked up on the cup , plate, and toilet paper roll into the cup which is on the bottom. Most of the 5th graders got the egg into the cup but some did not. 

 According to Newton's law of inertia, if something is at rest {or not moving} it will stay at rest until it is acted upon by a force.  When force is applied to the pan, the pan and the toilet paper roll are both pushed away. If you did this at home or are planning to, I hope you have a fun experience!

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