Women's History Month

Women's History from Caleigh's Point of View
Posted on 03/07/2022

Women's History Month 

By Caleigh Cooper

As a female, I have experienced equality and I always have the same opportunities as a male. Well, way back before I was born women weren't allowed to have jobs. The jobs they had were to stay at home and cook and clean. It wasn’t fair, men had more opportunities and girls were seen as weaklings. March is not a time to be extra helpful to your mom or your aunt. It's a time to learn about how women worked hard and fought for what's right.

My mother, Amber Santiago, was in the military with men. Now, even though sexism wasn’t still a big thing they still thought they were better.Well my mom proved them wrong!  She worked harder than anybody there. She always said she would outrun the men and most women. She was unstoppable!

Even now girls are expected to wear dresses and skirts, or wear makeup. We are allowed to get down and dirty. We are not made to sit and look pretty. All of us have a purpose. This is why we celebrate Women's History Month. To show that we are more than just dainty princesses, we are fearless queens!

We appreciate women who paved the way for us girls. Now, we can be whoever we want to be like an astronaut or engineer. Females may play sports like football and hockey. We will not stay in the shadows but rise into the light! This month do some research about your history.

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