Be Kind #330

Be Kind Home Activities
Posted on 12/08/2022
Family Activities:

We welcome all families to become a Citizens of Kindland by taking the pledge with your family at Each taker of the pledge will be automatically enrolled in our weekly gift card lottery. Together,
we can transform our community through kindness.

1. Draw a happy or positive picture and give it to someone in your family. (Wouldn’t It Be Nice)

2. Chalk a positive message on a sidewalk or draw an inspiring picture for others to find in your neighborhood.

3. Family members can create a rap of their vision of a kind family starting with the phrase wouldn’t it be nice if ...
(Wouldn’t it be nice)

4. Create a family kindness Jar – everyone writes an act of kindness they would be willing to perform (or parent or
older sibling writes down the ideas of those who can’t yet write). Each person picks an act out of the jar and
completes the act by the next week. The family can decide to celebrate the completion of the acts of kindness with
an ice cream party, candy or special recognition.

5. Kindness is Blooming in our Family: Make a small family kindness tree. When a family member performs an act of
kindness, they (or a family member) write it down on a paper leaf or heart and put it on the tree with a paper clip
or double stick tape (sample picture will be provided). Watch how the tree “blooms.”

6. Each day, write down 3 things that you are grateful for – it can be as simple as the sun is shining today, someone
said hello to me or I’m feeling good to just be alive. Gratitude has been shown to lead to overall wellness, improved
mood, life satisfaction and longevity.
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